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Marketing Management


Lidyana Marketplace



Over a span of three months, I took charge of a $30K digital advertising budget allocated to Google and Social Media campaigns. In addition, I successfully nurtured relationships with digital agencies and affiliate marketing partners. Leading pivotal digital initiatives, including email marketing, push marketing, CRM, and DMP, I strategically drove revenue growth and increased website traffic. Furthermore, I provided valuable support in the creation of social media content, ensuring an engaging online presence for the brand.

Paid traffic increase by 46%
In 3 months, with a monthly budget of $30K for digital advertisement activities, paid traffic increased by 46%. This was the smallest amount spent by a marketplace in the market, at the time.

Total traffic increased by 17%
During the same time, total traffic increased with the actions taken about SEO improvement, email marketing and webpush.

4% to 10% Performance increase by A/B testing
Continuous improvement on UX design by tests and implementations, resulting in performance improvement.

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